My recently released Nerdbank.Zcash library is available on and makes the Zcash cryptocurrency accessible to .NET apps.

This library exposes all the APIs necessary to generate seed phrases and derive Zcash accounts from them that support the transparent pool and the shielded sapling and orchard pools. You can interact with the blockchain with common light client functionality such as scanning and downloading transactions, shielding and spending. Best privacy practices are followed including shielding and sending change to the “internal address” that most wallets ignore.

As part of releasing this library, I whipped up a (very cheap and dirty!) sample Zcash wallet app to demonstrate some of what the library can do and how easy it is. The demo is based on Avalonia, so you get a GUI experience on all OSs. Here it is, running on Windows:

Watch the 7-minute video of building this app from scratch.

Support for certain operations is limited by the Zcash ecosystems set of rust crates that do not yet support everything. For example, sending/receiving on the Orchard pool is not yet supported. You also can’t import a viewing-only account. Support for both of these is coming soon. Further out though is more complete support for transparent pool interactions, like spending transparent funds or (more likely) downloading historical transactions that spent transparent funds.

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