In my last post I mentioned I was focusing my attention on the IronPigeon protocol. Since then, the IronPigeon project has matured and added support for both iOS and Android platforms in addition to its original Windows platforms it supported before.

As just a protocol, IronPigeon doesn’t directly help end users exchange messages securely. Dart for Windows Phone 8 has been available for several months to allow Windows Phone users to exchange messages using the IronPigeon protocol and all of its security benefits.

But as most folks don’t use Windows Phone, I’m pleased to announce that Dart for Android devices is now available. It uses the same protocol and offers nearly the same functionality as the Windows Phone app, and of course users can expect to exchange messages with others regardless of which type of phone they happen to be using.

Support for Apple’s iOS platform (e.g. iPad, iPhone) is coming in the near future. As well as more features within Dart across all platforms.

I look forward to hearing the feedback. And if you like the app or feel strongly about user privacy, please help evangelize the Dart app with your friends and social circles.

2 thoughts on “Update on the secure messaging IronPigeon protocol and the Dart application”
  1. I have read much about your app…

    looking cool, currently it is not supporting my Samsung-pop 🙁
    but soon I will get Nexus-5 😀
    Will try it for sure….then I will give u some feedback 🙂

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