It’s been nearly six months since v3.2 was released.  So what’s in v3.3 that took so long to bake?  Well, a lot of it was waiting for and getting used to Code Contracts to mature enough to bet on the technology. 

The most exciting changes though are the new OpenIdSelector control, and the new project template that helps you get going fast and strong with a new web site that accepts OpenID and/or InfoCard to log users in.  Seriously, you gotta get this version and try it out.  You can see a live demo of the new login UX now.

Go download DotNetOpenAuth now.  And get the project template too.

As usual, you can get more of the details of the changes on the VersionChanges wiki page.

Do you like what you see?  Don’t forget to contribute so that future versions can keep rocking!

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6 thoughts on “DotNetOpenAuth v3.3 is released”
  1. The Yahoo issue is a bug on their OP, that DotNetOpenAuth v3.3.0 couldn't deal with. I released v3.3.1 to fix the library to be more tolerant of bugs at the OP such as Yahoo's to fix this problem. Daoming, I'll update the openidux web site with the latest version so that Yahoo works again.

  2. Hi guys
    I've downloaded the latest version and didn't find any samples for working with Yahoo as a server. Any chance to get a code sample that works with Yahoo?

  3. This seems to be exactly what I am looking for, but when I open the zip from your download link the files show as "unrecognized version" to my machine, and if I try to open in studio 08 it refuses.

    When I look inside the file in PFE they seem to have been unix formatted or had the charset altered.

    what am I missing here?

  4. Hi Michael,

    All the OpenID relying party samples work with Yahoo just by typing "" into the OpenID identifier text box. The OpenIdRelyingPartyWebForms sample's login.aspx page even has a Login With Yahoo button on it.

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