Somehow the "Schneier on Security" blog feed was injected into my Google Reader environment.  I have never heard of this guy, and I certainly don’t have his feed in my list of subscriptions in Google Reader.  Google Reader doesn’t show the post anywhere unless I have "All items" selected (until I starred it so I could find it later). 

Did Schneier somehow hack Google Reader so that his post would show up in my list of unread posts?  Has anyone else noticed this on their accounts?  Search for "schneier" in your Reader search box and see.  Please comment.  I’m very eager to hear what’s going on, and if Google has a security problem in their app.

Schneier hacked my Google Reader 

Gotta love this, too.  When I clicked on "Schneier on security" just below the post title, I’m taken to a Reader page that says "You are not subscribed to this feed yet."  Funny.  How did I get the post in my roll in the first place then?

One thought on “How did Schneier hack my Google Reader?”
  1. I doubt he hacked it. Bruce Schneier is a cryptogragphic and computer security expert with a stellar reputation. I recommend yiu read his blog.

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