Due to patent and copyright concerns and trying to avoid any trouble from Google, I cannot release the source code to the WPF Gmail clone sample.  I have decided instead to break the sample apart into little pieces, change the way they look and behave enough to not infringe on Google’s interests, and then post the sample bits with source.  I’ll include any tips, tricks and bug workarounds that I ran across in the development of each piece.

I hope to begin a stream of posts on this subject this week.

2 thoughts on “WPF Gmail clone: end of the road”
  1. It’s a shame it looks like an interesting project.

    I really Need to dust off my 2008 beta. I downloaded it then forgot about it.

  2. Keep up this good project,i can’t wait to have more info 😉 it would be useful to post some info about RoutedCommand and so on…

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