I’ve spent a couple dozen hours now working into the details of the Gmail clone I began about a month ago. I’ve been learning more of the ins-and-outs of WPF’s RoutedCommand model and how to process keystroke input. While WPF has a very powerful routed event model, it’s so very different from WinForms that it’s taken me several hours to get the hang of it — I’m still working on it too.

Anyway, although I am not yet free to post the source code or to publish a working binary of the app for you to try out, here are a couple of recent screenshots from the current version:

3 thoughts on “An update on the cloned Gmail interface using WPF”
  1. please can i get the source code. i am web developer/programmer i have developed some web mail and gosh none looks like that please i will really appreciate it if you could give me the source . i can edit it and use it for my new mega website. thanks a million. Please Reply. you can reach me through garrick166@gmail.com


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