Virtual PC 2007 added a new sound system specifically for using Vista as a guest and host OS.  But when you install Vista as a guest OS, there is no sound!  A search on Google and Live Search didn’t turn up anything about how to use it. 

Eventually I found that after you install the VM Additions, the sound driver is silently copied into the guest OS’s “C:Program FilesVirtual Machine Additions” folder.  All you need to do to get sound working is “update” your audio controller driver within your Vista guest OS and tell it you Have Disk… and point it at that folder and voila!  Beautiful sound.  (without any restarts either).

17 thoughts on “How to get sound working on Virtual PC 2007 with Vista guest OS”
  1. I installed VM Additions and the sound didn’t automatically work after rebooting like it said to.

    I followed the directions here and now I have a “Microsoft Virtual Machine Audio Device Driver.”

    Thank you for sharing this tip for when it doesn’t work automagically.

  2. It worled. I need Custome Resolution on Virtual PC with Nvdia 7300 Card. Power Strip …
    Can you help here too …???

  3. Thank you very much. That did it for me as well. I had search around a bit for the files.


  4. Thank you so much. I have spent hours trying to get the sound working on my Vista Guest OS and your steps worked perfectly!

  5. Thanks! Yours was the only solution I found.

    BTW, you might add the error message as a keyword or text on your page, just in case someone is smart enough to search on that:

    I first tried searching on:
    “virtual pc”
    “no audio device installed”

  6. Hi!

    I have automated some audio testing on a real machine by connecting the mic to the earphones port on my desktop and cathing the sound via the mic device in .NET.

    How do I do the same when I am using a virtual machine for my testing on a blade server or a common VM server? Can you please help me?

  7. Well…

    It is good to know, how to get sound running on Vista as guest OS.

    But ist there also a possibility to get sound running on windows 7 Beta?

    If it’s possible, please let me know.

  8. best advice I've ever gotten on one of these searches. Right to the point, without too many pronouns confusing everyone. Can you please update all the Microsoft Documentation now? Thanks.

  9. Excellent advice. Thanks! One thing I ran into though, was that the Device Manager in the VM failed to show any sound controller at all, so I couldn't update the driver at first. To make it appear, I had to first disable sound in the VM settings, restart the VM, then re-enable sound, before the sound controller became visible and I could do the driver update. Perhaps this was caused by the VM having been created before I updated VPC to SP1?

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