I’m working on a ward photo directory project, for which I needed a web client scripting library.  The idea was to be able to programmatically masquerade as a web browser, pull down pages, navigate through links and fill out forms without using a web browser.  A lot of searching on the Internet turned up nothing promising for what I needed.  If you know of a good one that looks like what I’ve started, please point me to it if it’s further along.

In the meantime, this recent startup of a project has been very useful to me.  If you need to write scripts or programs that peruse the web, parse tags and postback forms, this library is worth looking at.

The license is not indicated in the source files yet.  So I announce here that I am releasing it with the LGPL license.

I opened a new forum for the project.  And you can download the source code.

One thought on “VB.NET web scripting client library goes open source”
  1. This sounds like exactly what I need for a project I am working on to automate some repetitive tasks we have to do through a Web Interface at the moment. The links no longer work though, so I was wondering what the current status and or location of the project was? Thanks a lot!

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