The EMAR project that I have been working on for about four years is finally getting a (decent) new name. NAssess.

This is in preparation for releasing EMAR with the LGPL. I’ll post again once the project is hosted on Novell Forge.

I’m trying to decide how to publish NAssess for open-source development. Specifically, should I put the entire SVN revision history into the public domain, or just the latest version? I would just put the whole history up there without question, except that (even now) EMAR is hooked into several in-house projects that will not be open-sourced, and they all share a repository. If I extract EMAR’s thread of history from the repository and upload that, then none of the previous revisions will build anyway. Whereas the final version I will publish will have all dependencies removed, and so will build just fine. Finally, possessing the revision history for the project is a form of proof of ownership. Yes, I’m LGPL’ing it, but I’d like to prove authorship if needed down the road.

Thoughts, anyone? This will be my largest open-source contribution so far (and perhaps ever). I want it to be meaningful to people, and to do things right.

Added Jan 19, 2006: NAssess is now available under the LGPL.  Download the source from Novell Forge or visit the forum.