I have completely torn out the OPF I wrote behind EMAR and replaced it
with NHibernate. I anticipate that EMAR will be much faster and stable
as a result. Already I am floored by how simplified this transition
made my business objects. They almost never consider that they are
being persisted at all, and most of my unit tests never touch the
database, but rather instantiate the classes in memory to see them

I have planned previously to make EMAR available through the LGPL open source license.
That is still planned, but with the recent transition to NHibernate, I
thought it best to delay the release for a few months while it was
revamped. This is because the new one would be, and now is, so much
simpler than the original that I was going to release, that it didn’t
make sense to release the first version.

I need a new name for EMAR, I think. Any suggestions?