I recently became the vice-president of the Utah County .NET Users Group [10/30/05: updated link].
I’ve come home with the new Visual Studio 2005 Beta software, and many
new ideas for projects or implementing existing ones. Quite excited.

of the projects I am currently working on I will begin to discuss on
this blog, including links to Subversion servers that host some of the
more generic but useful projects I am working on. Projects to be shared
(probably through LGPL) soon:

  • Schema Translator – Reads
    detailed database schema from SQL Server to produce a DataSet. Also
    takes a DataSet and writes the DDL to recreate the database.
  • Safari Database Tools – DataSet metadata diffgram.
    That is, it can compare two DataSet object structures and construct a
    object tree describing just the differences between the two DataSet
    objects. Finally, it can work with the Schema Translator to write DDL
    to apply the differences in the database schema to a SQL Server

These two projects actually have a very
plug-in friendly way of allowing other databases besides SQL Server to
be used as backends.

I’m excited to get these out and have people comment on, benefit from, and contribute to the projects. I’ll keep you posted.