Sunday, November 02, 2008

OpenID on Classic ASP

Several people have asked for an OpenID library for Classic ASP.  Yes, it's several years deprecated, but there are still some major and smaller sites using it.  Classic ASP allows the consumption of COM/ActiveX objects, so it turns out DotNetOpenId can be used by Classic ASP!

But DotNetOpenId isn't a COM server.  Not in its released form anyway.  But there is now a CTP of DotNetOpenId that does offer a COM interface that Classic ASP can call into, and it includes an actual sample of a classic ASP OpenID relying party.

You can download the CTP here, on the condition that you then leave feedback on your experience on our mailing list.


  1. I'd be interested in checking this out but the link appears to be dead now.

  2. Fred, the CTP is long over, but DotNetOpenAuth does include classic ASP support for OpenID if you download it:


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