The local .NET User’s Group here in Utah County (UCNUG) and Microsoft are hosting/sponsoring three upcoming events.  I’ll be hosting/volunteering at both of them myself.  Here’s a little piece for them.

Come learn about the new development and server products Microsoft has launched Nov 17 and/or Dec 1 at Microsoft-sponsored events in this area!  Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006 (beta) all launched on Monday.  These events are FREE and offer prizes to attendees.

Nov 17 @ 6pm-8pm: UCNUG celebrates the launch date with INETA with free food, software and prizes.  A 75-minute presentation gets you started on all that’s new with VS 2005.

Dec 1 @ 8am-noon: Best of SQL Server 2005 Launch

Dec 1 @ 1pm-5pm: Best of Visual Studio 2005 Launch